Minuit2 is available in standalone mode, for use in cases where ROOT is either not available or not built with Minuit2 enabled. This will cover recommended usages, as well as some aspects of the design.


Minuit2 can be used in any of the standard CMake ways, either from the ROOT source or from a standalone source distribution:

# Check for Minuit2 in ROOT if you want
# and then link to ROOT::Minuit2 instead

add_subdirectory(minuit2) # or root/math/minuit2
# OR
find_package(Minuit2 CONFIG) # Either build or install

target_link_libraries(MyProgram PRIVATE Minuit2::Minuit2)


Minuit2 is a good example of potential solutions to the problem of integrating a modern (CMake 3.1+) build into an existing framework.

To handle the two different CMake systems, the main CMakeLists.txt defines common options, then calls a Standalone.cmake file if this is not building as part of ROOT.

The hardest part in the ROOT case is that Minuit2 requires files that are outside the math/minuit2 directory. This was solved by adding a copy_standalone.cmake file with a function that takes a filename list and then either returns a list of filenames inplace in the original source, or copies files into the local source and returns a list of the new locations, or returns just the list of new locations if the original source does not exist (standalone).

# Copies files into source directory
cmake /root/math/minuit2 -Dminuit2-standalone=ON

# Makes .tar.gz from source directory
make package_source

# Optional, clean the source directory
make purge

This is only intended for developers wanting to produce source packages - a normal user does not pass this option and will not create source copies.

You can use make install or make package (binary packages) without adding this standalone option, either from inside the ROOT source or from a standalone package.

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